FROM: Pastor Mike

Hello Venture family, in keeping communication open, I wanted to share much needed information with you. Over the past few weeks we continue to have church services online. We praise God that there is even a way to keep us all connected during this time and we want to be our best and present God’s best as Venture to our partners, community, and those viewing all over the world via the internet.

We are not trying to be masters of social media yet we are wanting to at least provide a way to connect adults to Sunday Services and Bible Studies; and keep our kids/teens connected to the word of God during this time; which even at minimum still takes a lot of dedicated time and effort.

Therefore, please read on to understand where we are currently and how you our partners can help.


  • We have learned (as you are aware) the Internet quality and speed in our area is only slightly faster than dial-up which presents poor quality and frustrating viewer experiences; when having live services.
  • We have learned that it is best to record Services in advance and upload them to offset viewer frustration (since internet quality is beyond our control); however long videos won’t load therefore we record sermons only.
  • We have only one person dedicated to the days and hours it takes to properly record video, edit video and sound, design graphics, and manage all social media posts for Venture’s page, Venture’s Partner’s only, page and the new Ignite/Sparks page. In addition to managing telephone services in order to keep our elderly partners connected  to every service.
  • We have one additional person assisting with copying posts from Facebook (FB) and adding to Instagram in order to ensure that God’s word and resources can also be provided to those outside of FB (and our teen population who use Instagram more than FB – we must ensure we reach young people as well).


*Due to the time and effort it takes to keep us moving forward online daily, we do not have the capacity to train. Therefore we need volunteers that are willing to take video training to learn how to help or volunteers who already have the skills necessary to help (email us if you are willing to help and train).

  • Media volunteers are needed to record and edit video and audio files; then upload to both FB and Instagram.
  • Graphics volunteers are needed to create social media graphics w/Pastor and post to both FB and Instagram.
  • Telephone assistance volunteers are needed to call and connect our elderly partners to each service.
  • SUGGESTIONS ARE ALWAYS WELCOMED (for anything that we do) – please ensure that all suggestions include the solution, resource, and/or link to help us improve all of our efforts. Email your suggestions to the church at .


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