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We believe in Jesus, love God & People

Our Values

We practice 9 Core Values: Scripture The non-negotiable, foundational Truth which is taught and lived out in every part of our personal, home, work and church life. | Love Intentionally welcome with warmth and love all who interact with our Church family. | Worship & Prayer To exalt Christ as the center of every aspect of our life. | Servanthood We follow the example of Jesus in serving our community and each other. | Discipleship Committed to the process of becoming fully devoted, reproducing disciples of Christ. | Spiritual Gifts Intentionally empowering and equipping every person to minister out of their gifts and passion. | Evangelism To seek opportunities to engage unsaved people and declare the Good News of the Gospel. | Relevance Meeting people where they are, being culturally sensitive, while ensuring we do not compromise biblical standards.

what we do

Our Mission

Enjoy Life With Women4Women!

Friday Mornings at 10:00 AM.

We Celebrate Women! Our struggles, our victories, and each other. So, we invite ALL WOMEN within our community to join us!
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the gospel in actions

making a difference

Contact / Location

Contact info

1495 Redskin Dr.
St Johns AZ 85936

Gathering Times

IGNITE Youth - 10:00 AM (2019), view schedule

FRIDAYS -  Women's Community Group 9:30 am

Events / Calendar
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